Apr 28, 2009


I'm headlining two super cool festivals this spring/summer.

The first is the WBER stage at the Lilac Festival in Rochester, New York a week from Friday (May 8th). More info on the site. I'm headlining the first night, kicking off the festival with a 90 minute set with my band. I know, awesome. Other acts playing this festival include Joan Osborne and Dr. John.

The second is Live 105's BFD Festival at the Shoreline Amplitheater in Mountain View, California. I'm headlining the local stage. Other acts playing the BFD are the Offspring and 311.


photo copyright 2009 Martin Cogley

Also, be sure to check out my upcoming club shows next week too. And, oh yeah, I'm also opening for NAS at a college show in Conneticut.


May 3 - The Ottobar
Baltimore, Maryland

May 5 - Silk City
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May 6 - Mercury Lounge (21+)
New York, New York

May 7 - Garfield Artworks
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

May 8 - Lilac Festival
Rochester, New York

May 9 - Eastern Connecticut State University (with NAS)
Willimantic, Connecticut

LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! See you up at the shows. Holler at me. I have fresh new merch.

MC Lars

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