May 11, 2009


Just got back from another awesome tour with my East Coast band. We played a few club shows, headlined a festival in Rochester and opened for Nas in Connecticut. The band has been killing it... now if we can only get Rob to quit his job at the bank, we'll be locked in for the summer tour. JK Rob. Props to Mike Russo for his tour management skills. I enjoyed rocking out with Worm Quartet in New York too (great shot Lanni!):

I'm back at my parents' house for this week before I go to Australia. I'm headed up to San Francisco tomorrow to record some guest parts and a song from the new record with the Rondo Brothers. The new album is called "Lars Attacks!" and it's going to be amazing. I finally edited the podcast from the April UK tour... see above.


Watch out Australia, because DJ and I are headed down under this weekend. Can't wait to return to the country with spiders the size of studio apartments in Pacifica.

Much love to the fans who came out to show their support. See you on the summer US tour!

MC Lars

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