Jun 24, 2009


Summer is upon us. I've been working like crazy with K.Flay and DJ on some hot jams for our EP. We've been writing for weeks and are tracking with our favorite Bay Area production team the Rondo Brothers Thursday and Friday. We had like nine plus songs and have narrowed it down to our six favorites. I'm currently at my parents' house in Carmel Valley because I had to come back for an appointment with my optometrist tomorrow morning. Fuuunnnnn. I'm living a double life.

Tomorrow we're working on one more song for the EP. Tonight I rapped with my friend Chris Peck's band the Crymuscles at their show in San Francisco. I've been taking BART a lot because traffic and parking in San Francisco is terrible. I love my summer sublet in the Oakland hills. I'm learning my way around the East Bay again.

My sleep schedule has been so weird. I'm usually up until four or five a.m. then I get up a few hours later and start work. I don't understand it. It may have something to do with all of the time changes and different time zones we've been touring through so my body gets confused. Maybe I need to stop drinking coffee. Or stop smoking meth. Just kidding about the meth!!!!!!!! I like my teeth and face being intact.

I did a collab with int eight of Dual Core and 17,000 nerdcore rappers. Basically, it's a Twitter song where we all rap back and forth like we're on Twitter. Cool concept, but when I sent him my vocals, he wrote me back like, "Lars, you sent me silent tracks." I don't know how it happened - maybe ProTools is haunted or something. So I sent him my ProTools session for him and his British producer to have fun with. It's going to be cool. I really love Dual Core because David (int) is a really talented rapper and their production is always catchy and fun to listen to. He transcends nerdcore because he came up in the Scribble Jam / indie hip-hop seen of the mid-west late 90s community. He's a rapper who just happens to be a computer guy, not the other way around.

Been hanging out with cool people, doing awesome things like going to the Ansel Adams / Georgia O'Keefe show at the SF MoMa with my Orinda friend Samantha. I've been swimming every day at the UC Berkeley pool to get back in shape. Touring sometimes makes my body rusty, with McDonalds and the stress of hours and hours of driving and the weird sleep schedule and lack of aerobic exercise off of the stage, so I'm returning to the lean, mean muscle machine that I was when I first started this touring life. It feels so good to be getting back in shape.

The other day K.Flay and I went shopping. She has become my unofficial stylist. We were learning how to update what I wear so I'm less 1998 and more 2009. I used to always wear giant jeans that were way too big, because I forgot that MC Hammer didn't have the comeback we'd all hoped. Now I'm chilling and whenever I've been going out women keep starting up conversations with me because my pants are no longer three sizes too big. It's nice to have female friend advice on what to wear and not be sloppy all of the time.

Oh man it's almost 4 a.m. Got to get up in a few hours to see Dr. Flicker and talk about my contact lens prescription. To all of you in Internet Land - sweet dreams. Your boy MC Lars loves you. Unless you're doing meth and robbing people. Then you should be executed.

MC Lars
Carmel Valley, CA

P.S. Look for K.Flay's new mixtape. I did a guest verse, as did Eligh from Living Legends. Hot.

P.P.S. We're starting work in the "This Gigantic Robot Kills" video. WATCH OUT FOR IT!!!


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