Mar 30, 2009


These songs were all transcribed by my NY guitarist Mike Russo.

To view and listen to the .TG files, you need to download TuxGuitar.

To view the .pdf files, you need a computer that can communicate with others via the interweb. If you don't know how to read .pdf files, you should put down your guitar and read this book (JK but seriously .pdfs are explained here and if you did not know what they were I apologize for treating you like a n00b even though we should all know how to rock .pdfs already - punk).

  1. Do the Bruce Campbell - .TG - .PDF GUITAR 1 - .PDF GUITAR 2 - .PDF GUITAR 3
  2. Hey There Ophelia - .TG - .PDF GUITAR 1 - .PDF GUITAR 2 - .PDF GUITAR 3 -
  3. (It's Not Easy) Being Green - .TG - .PDF
  4. True Player for Real - .TG - .PDF

Props to all of the people who did these ones I found:

  1. The Dialogue
  2. Download This Song
  3. Hipster Girl
  4. Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock - bass tab - guitar solo
  5. Hurricane Fresh
  6. iGeneration - bass tab



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Simon Morfey said...

You need to upload Guitar Hero Hero man, It's what got me into your music! Paul Gilbert is incredible aswell, thanks man

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